Create group, permission and assign it programmatically

Introduction In this article I will describe that how to create Sharepoint group, permission and assign permission to group programmatically using feature. This will use below terms:- 1. SPGroup: We wll create sharepoint group. 2. RoleDefinition: We will create custom permission. 3. RoleAssignment: Assign custom permission to group.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Event online

Its Microsoft online event :- SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Event online Registration already closed.

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Changing the SharePoint Welcome Page Programmatically

Introduction: Sometimes you will have a feature which you activate on a sub site where you want to change the “Welcome Page” or landing page to be a custom one. Here is a sample on how you can change default.aspx to be a new page like welcome.aspx or home.aspx etc that you have just created.

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Custom Timer Job in SharePoint

Introduction:- This article describes; that how to create custom timer job for SharePoint Server which will cover below points:- – Timer job basic understanding. – Creating feature xml – Creating feature receiver class – Creating TimerJobdefinition class – Pass site url to timer job and store timer job property bag without any hard coding

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Pass Web Part property value to user control

Introduction: In this article I will describe that how to pass web part properties into user control. To do so I will take base of my below article where I explained that how to create user control, load it using webpart and deploy using feature.

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Hiding the social tags

There are lots way to do this and Here i am going to show you few ways out of them Hiding the social tags for specific site or web: Following CSS will hide the tags..

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Connected WebPart

Introduction Connected Web Parts make it easy to share data across Web Parts that are running on your page or, more formally, allow your interactions with one Web Part to other Web Parts. We need four things to create connected Web Parts: . A custom interface for data . A Custom Web Part treat as […]

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Advanced Web Part Development in SharePoint 2010

Building custom Web Parts is a great developer opportunity in SharePoint. This session will focus on the enhancements for Web Part developers such as Visual Web Parts, the Web Part Page Services, AJAX Web Part connections, etc. Advanced topics such as cross-site scripting safeguards, persistent properties and Web Parts on wiki pages will be discussed […]

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Create event handler for specific list

Introduction: In this article I will describe that how to create event handler for specific list using sharepoint feature. Here I will take example of Item Added & deleting action event. On added event, we will add item description and on deleting event, we will not allow to delete.

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Feature receiver in sharepoint

In this article I will describe that how to write custom feature receiver. This is very helpful when we are required to perform some action while activating feature. To explain this functionality In this I will modify site title on feature activation and remove site title on feature deactivation.

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