SharePoint FAQ5

– What deployment mechanism can you use to instigate Code Access Security attributes for your WebParts?

SharePoint solution files can add in order to handle code access security deployment issues. This is done in the element in the SharePoint solution manifest.XML, which makes it easier to get assemblies the appropriate permissions in order to operate in the bin directory of the web application.

– When running with SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges (web context) what credentials are being used?

In a web context, this is the application pool identity. In a timer job and workflow, this will be the ‘Windows SharePoint Timer Services’ identity.

– When should you dispose SPWeb and SPSite objects? And even more important, when not?

You should always dispose them if you created them yourself, but not otherwise. You should never dispose SPContext.Current.Web/Site and you should normally not dispose SPWeb if IsRootWeb is true. More tricky constructs are things along the line of SPList.ParentWeb.
Also dispose each web when iterating over SPWeb.Webs
Also dispose SPLimitedWebPartManager’s SPWeb property (.web)

– What base classes do event receivers inherit from?

SPListEventReceiver, SPItemEventReciever, and SPWebEventReceiver inherit from the abstract base class SPEventReceiverBase.
SPWorkflowLibraryEventReceiver inherits from SPItemEventReceiver.
SPEmailEventReceiver inherits directly from System.Object.

– What are the built in ways to backup a SharePoint install?

Through the central administration and the stsadm command
You’ve created and deployed a Web Part, when you deploy to the server you get a page saying your Web Part couldn’t be loaded, click here to go to the Web Part maintenance page, etc. to disable the web part.

-What step(s) should you take to get a stack dump from your web part instead of that error page?

Go to the web.config file for your website and find the CallStack Attribute in the SafeControls element and set the value to true

– How would you programmatically retrieve a list item?

SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery. Bonus points for knowledge of CrossListQueryCache, PortalSiteMapProvider. Negative points for use of foreach.

– What are the data types which are supported as Lookup column in SharePoint.

Only Single Line of Text and Calculated columns are supported as lookup columns.

– how can debugging share point application and timer jobs ? with steps?

1.     build application place .dll into gac and reset iis
2.     On the Debug menu, select Attach to Process
3.     select the Show processes from all users check box.
4.     select W3W.exe and OSWTIMER.exe can attach
5.     refresh sharepoint site point break point

– what is web part?

Web Parts are the fundamental building blocks for Share Point user interface, and with them we can build and integrate many different types of applications.In share point also be create custom web part using .oscx control

steps create custom web part

1.     create web part project copied .oscx control and build .dll file in GAC .reset IIS.
2.     go 12 hive _layout folder create folder past your .oscx control
3.     go inetpub ;wwwroot ;wss ;open Your site ;web con fig ;create safe control write assembly information of web part application
4.     open sharepoint site ->site action-site editing->Galleries ->web part->new Add your web part.

We can use Out of the box (OOB) web part which are mentioned below:-

Content Editor Web Part
Data View Web Part
List View Web Part
Image Web Part
Members Web Part
Page Viewer Web Part

– What are the advantages of SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) over SharePoint Team Services (STS)?

sharePoint Portal Services (SPS) has MUCH better document management. It has check-in, check-out, versioning, approval, publishing, subscriptions, categories, etc. STS does not have these features, or they are very scaled back. SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) has a better search engine, and can crawl multiple content sources. STS cannot. STS is easier to manage and much better for a team environment where there is not much Document Management going on. SPS is better for an organization, or where Document Management is crucial.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft often defines SharePoint as a business collaboration platform. In other way its is also a rich framework for developing business collaboration solutions. SharePoint is a platform for building websites, both intranet and internet web sites.
It is a collaboration platform for users, customers or whoever using the SharePoint web site.

What is the minimum software and hardware requirements to install SharePoint 2010?

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, but for development purpose you can install SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista SP1/SP2. All operating system should be 64 bit.
Database: SharePoint 2010 requires database of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or R2. Also all should be 64bit.
Application Server: SharePoint 2010 requires IIS7 +.
.Net Framework: SharePoint 2010 requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and SP1 is preferable.

What are SharePoint 2010 main features?

Sites: Ribbon UI, SharePoint Workspace, SharePoint Mobile etc.
Communities: Tagging, Tag Cloud, Rating, Social Networking feature, My Sites, Blogs and Wikis, My Profile etc.
Content: Enterprise content type, Metadata and navigation, Document sets, Remote BLOG Storage, Audio and Video Content types, List Enhancements etc.
Search:FAST Search integration, Social Relevance.
Insights: Excel services, Visio services, web analytics, SQL server integration etc.
Composites: Business Connectivity Services, Info path form services, External lists, Workflows, SharePoint designers, Visual studio, REST etc.

What is SharePoint Central Administration?

This is designed to administer and monitor a SharePoint server farm. Here you can configure servers and servers’ roles, define farm topology, and create new web applications and Site Collections. This basically a SharePoint site. The main features included here are: Application Management, Monitoring, Security, General Application Settings, System Settings, Back Up and Restore, Upgrade and Migration and Configuration wizard.

What is a Site collection and Web application?

A Site Collection is a logical container that holds a set of websites, hosted in a web application. If you want to publish internet or intranet web site then you need at least a web application and one site collection.
To create a new Site Collection we need a parent web application.

What are the site templates available in SharePoint?

There are 5 different site templates available in SharePoint 2010, from which you can create sites. And They are:
Collaboration: It has templates for Team Site, Blank Site, Document Workspace, Blog, Group Work Site etc.
Meetings: It has templates for Basic Meeting Workspace, Blank Meeting Workspace, Decision Meeting Workspace, Social Meeting Workspace, and Multipage Meeting Workspace.
Enterprise: It has templates for Document Center, Records Center,PowerPoint Broadcast Site, Business Intelligence Center, Enterprise Search Center, My Site Host, Basic Search Center, and FAST Search Center.
Publishing: It has templates for Publishing Portal and Enterprise Wiki Custom: Here you can define your own custom templates.

What is a SharePoint list?

Everything is stored in SharePoint in form of List. They are similar to database. List have item, fields and Views. Items are like a row in a table. Fields are like columns in a database table. Views displays information from List.

How to create a SharePoint List in browser in SharePoint 2010?

To create a SharePoint 2010 list go to Site Actions-> then click on More -> Then you can select the type of list you want to create including custom list also.

What is a SharePoint Farm?

A SharePoint farm is a set of one or more server computers working together to provide SharePoint Foundation functionality to clients.

What is a service applications in SharePoint 2010?

Service applications are used to facilitate sharing resources across sites running in different Web applications and different farms. Basically SharePoint 2010 replacing SSP of MOSS 2007 in the form of Service applications.

What are the default lists available in a Team site?

A team site has 4 default list and that are: Announcements, Calendar, Links, and Tasks lists.

What is a recycle bin in SharePoint?

Whenever you will delete something it goes to recycle bin in SharePoint. You can restore items that have been deleted from the site  from the recycle bin.

What to navigate to Site Settings page in SharePoint 2010?

From the home page, click on Site Actions -> Site Settings.

How to go to master page gallery in SharePoint 2010?

To go to master page gallery in SharePoint 2010 go to Site Actions -> Site Settings. It will open the site settings page, then in the settings page Go to Galleries section and click on Master pages.

How to change theme in SharePoint 2010?

Changing the default theme is very easy in SharePoint 2010. Go to Site Actions -> Site Sections -> Then go to Galleries and click on Theme link. It will open the Change Theme home page and from there you can select any theme you want.

What is a feature in SharePoint?

SharePoint feature groups custom functionality that developers and administrators can activate.

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