PMP Certification Journey

Avinash Kumar Dad
Avinash Kumar Dad

Hi, My name is Avinash Kumar Dad and I am a technical lead / project manager worked in the Pharma, Banking and IT industries in Singapore. I manage Microsoft technology projects by new implementation & support existing applications. I have always wanted some sort of testimonial to my project management skills and PMP is the best choice.
I passed the PMP certification examination on 23 Feb, 2015 based on the PMBOK Guide fifth edition.

PMP Journey steps

1. I have attended 4 day training program provided by Sachin @ Synoptech System Consulting Pte Ltd Singapore.
   It took two weeks for me.
2. I have read below book chapter by chapter following mock test –

    a. Sachin material slides
    b. PMPBK, bought from PMI.
    c. Free online Mock test for read chapter

3. Now again I attended training class provided by Sachin @ Synoptech System Consulting Pte Ltd

    a. By re-attending, I revise PMP full course just in 4days
    b. Also Sachin clarify my all doubts which I had.

4. Then completed “Tata mcgraw hill” pmp maths book in 2 days. I bought this book in India.
5. Then Gave 4 mock full test on examcentral. In test I got 86%.
6. Then gave 1 mock test on pmstudy. In exam I got 75%.
7. However these mock are easy and do not match with real exam. Real exam is too tough.
8. So I gave 5 tough mock tests (XXXXX) which has 90% situation based questions.
   In my first test I only got 65% score and later in last 2 test I managed to get 72%.
   I cannot give the test name but I heard that Rita simulation test has almost
   situational based questions. So probably you may plan to buy Rita Fastrack test.
9. Before my exam day; I gave same PMStudy test again.
   It help me to sit for 4hr exam process and as well giving same test make sure
   that you get high score (I got 96%) which provide motivation.

10. In real exam;

    a. Prometric stopped allowing writing brain dumps in initial 1st 15minutes of tutorial.
       This was bad news for me. So be prepared for this.
    b. In exam I got only 2-5 ITTO and only 5-10 formula based questions.
       All remaining questions were situational based.
    c. Initial 100 questions were too tough and I could only complete 80 questions in 2hrs.
    d. In last I was having 30 questions remaining to complete in 20 minutes.
    e. Finally I saw PASS on my screen. He he he :-)

11. Totally I took 1 month 3 weeks to clear PMP exam.

Lesson Learned:

1. Read books chapter by chapter and give mock test for finished chapter.
2. Attend Synoptech System Consulting Pte Ltd training at least for 2 times.
3. Give 5 simple mock test, 1 PmStudy Test and 5 tough mock test
4. Give once again PMStudy test (which you have already given) just 1 day before exam
5. After every mock test; make notes of failed question by reviewing and analyzing.
6. Daily read your notes which make sure that you recover your failure points.
7. Here is my notes where in all points are written due to my wrong question in mock test

   PMP Notes by Avinash

8. These notes were quite helpful for my exam. These help me to answer in correct way. You may
   read them but content accuracy is on your risk. Please seek the accurate information
   from PMBOK fifth edition.
9. I had lot of time pressure in real exam. Hence suggest you watch your time during mock test.

In last; I want to say thanks to Sachin (Trainer of Synoptech System Consulting Pte Ltd) who help me lots. Also I want says thanks to WhatsAapp members of PMP group (Created by Sachin), who tried to clarify my questions all the times.
Wish you all the best for your PMP exam.

All information are given by own and the purpose of this artical is to help others. The information included is not a substitute for PMP exam and it’s not responsible for the any dispute. The opinions of the loggers are their own. It’s only a basic help; always seek the advice from authorized training institute or PMBOK text book.

Thanks & Regards,

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