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Binding a SharePoint Event Handler

You must associate your event receiver with a SharePoint object type (the event host), which you do by binding the event receiver to the receiver host. There are two ways to bind an event receiver to a receiver host in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010: 1.    By using the SharePoint Foundation object model. Most of the […]

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Lists Throttling in SharePoint 2010

In this article I am showing you a new feature in SharePoint 2010 called throttling Detail:- In SharePoint 2007 the max items that can be returned by a list view was approximately 2000 items and any query over this limit shall result in low performance and increased load on the server. But SharePoint P2010 list […]

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Downloading File using stream on sharepoint page

Description This article will show you how to buffer data into a MemoryStream from a query and output the buffered data back to the browser as a dialog (with save open cancel). The Code: – The first step is to get object of SPSite and SPWeb. – Second steps is to get SPListItem object using […]

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Upload file in document library with metadata including lookup field using sharepoint web service

Issue When we try to upload document (especially pdf) with metadata association to sharepoint document library using CopyIntoItems method of Copy webservice. Then it works great for upload & association of metadata. However it has one issue: It could not update metadata for lookup column but it does not throw any error also. Description This […]

February 23, 2012 · Infoyen · 8 Comments
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How to avoid Access denied page in sharepoint

Description Access denied exception is handled by sharepoint platform and user will be redirected to _layouts/AccessDenied.aspx page if user doesn’t have permission to perform that task. This might cause usability problem in some cases The Code: You can handle access denied exception in your code by setting CatchAccessDeniedException value to true. Following code snippet shows […]

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