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In this post we will look at the main differences between the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.
The presented difference are be at high level description only.

Difference between sharepoint 2010 and 2013:

Business Scenario SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
Development Changes

• SharePoint 2010 Introduced Sandbox solutions to help developers deploy code that did not effect the whole farm.
• In SharePoint 2010 you could use Server Object model and Client Object model (.Net Managed, ECMASCRIPT and

silverlight) to extract data from SharePoint.
• In SharePoint 2010 developers were also developing Farm solutions as they did with the previous SharePoint 2007


• No more Sandbox solutions. SharePoint 2013 sandboxed solutions are deprecated. So all we got is the New App model

and the Old SharePoint Farm solutions.
• In SharePoint 2013 Microsoft Introduced a new Cloud App Model for designing Apps for SharePoint. Apps for SharePoint

are self-contained pieces of functionality that extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website. You can use HTML, CSS,

JavaScript and protocols like the Open Data protocol (OData), and OAuth to communicate with SharePoint using Apps.
• Tools – SharePoint 2013 has Introduced new Tools for App development. Visual Studio 2012 now lets you develop apps

for SharePoint and apps for Office. In addition a new web-based tools called “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools were

introduced for developing apps.

Document Collaboration • Support for enterprise content types and shared metadata. • No difference in approach for organizing content in 2013.
• Added ability to edit managed metadata in a datasheet (spreadsheet) view.
Search • Comprehensive enterprise search with the ability to use Boolean operators to create search queries.
• Wildcard search available.
• Able to define search and “Best bets”.
• Significant improvements in user experience.
• Best bets now called Promoted Results.
• Search remembers what you have previously searched and clicked and displays these values as query suggestions at the top

of the results page.
• includes custom content processing with the Content
• Other below features added =>
Consolidated Search Results, Rich Results Framework, keyword query language (KQL) enhancements

Social and Collaboration features • Very limited capabilities like My sites, tags and notes. • Following new features added –
1. Interactive feed
2. Community Site
3. Follow people
4. Follow Sites
5. Follow #Hashtags
6. stream of the entire organization
Workflow • Several “built in” workflows with additional options available in SharePoint Designer. • Significant enhancements, including new ways to create and visualize workflows.
• Existing 2010 workflows should upgrade.
Mobile Access • Teams can create mobile views for sites but not necessarily for different types of mobile devices.. Following new features added –
• Optimized mobile browser experience
• Added feature as Device channels.
• Business intelligence – SharePoint Server 2013 enables a user to view certain kinds of dashboard content. This includes

PerformancePoint reports and scorecards, and Excel Services reports in iOS 5.0 Safari browsers on iPad devices.
• Office Web Apps – allows users to view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in mobile browsers.


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Hope this helps.

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