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Its microsoft online event – business data connectivity with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Experience cutting edge business data connectivity with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Microsoft Business Connectivity Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server
2010 enable SharePoint deployments to connect to and interact with external data.
They use a set of standardized interfaces to provide access to business data.
As a result, developers of solutions do not have to learn programming practices
that apply to a specific system or adapter for each external data source.
Join Jaishree Thiyagarajan in this exclusive webcast dedicated to
Microsoft Business Connectivity Services solutions.

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Day 1 10th Oct 2012

Day 2 11th Oct 2012

¦ Business Connectivity Services Overview
¦ What’s new in BCS?
¦ How is Business Connectivity Services different
from the Business Data Catalog?
¦ BCS Architecture
¦ What is included in Business Connectivity Services?
¦ BCS fundamentals
¦ What Are External Content Types?
¦ Where Can You Show External Data?
¦ BCS Authentication Modes
¦ Configuring the BCS Service Application (Demo)
¦ BCS Authentication Modes
¦ Creating ECT Using SharePoint Designer 2010 (Demo)
¦ Synchronization to Outlook and SharePoint Workspace (Demo)
¦ BDC Web parts (Demo)
¦ Searching External Data Using BCS (Demo)
¦ Supplementing User profile with BCS (Demo)
¦ Metadata Model – BDC Schema
¦ Creating an Entity with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 –
Dot Net Assembly Connector (Demo)
¦ BCS Server Runtime
¦ Using Administration OM to Import a Model (Demo)
¦ Using Administration OM to Create a Model (Demo)
¦ Using runtime OM to Execute a Finder method instance (Demo)
¦ BCS Client Runtime
¦ BCS Troubleshooting


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