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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services features are collections of logically related items and operations that can be added to and used repeatedly across site definitions.

Advantage: Features reduce versioning and inconsistency issues that can arise among front-end Web servers. Feature activating or deactivating functionality in the course of a SharePoint deployment easier.

Implementing Features

To implement a feature, you need to add a subfolder that contains the feature’s definition to the Features setup directory at the following location:

\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES
\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES

Solutions structure can be like below:-

Here “Home.Project.Solution.MyDocs” is custom folder name which contains feature and elements xml file.


The Structure of Feature.xml

A Feature.xml file can contain the following elements:


Feature Scope

Features can be scoped at the level of a site, site collection, Web application (virtual server), or server farm. A particular feature can be activated for a single scope. The scope of a feature is determined by the value of the Scope attribute of the Feature element.

■      Web Site scope Feature (Scope=”Web”):   A Web Site scoped Feature is one that can be activated only at the individual Web site level .

■      Site Collection scope Feature (Scope=”Site”):  A Site Collection scoped Feature is one that can be activated at the site collection level and contains items that apply to the site collection as a whole (for example, content types that are shared across the site collection), as well as items that can be activated per site (for example, list instances, etc).

■      Web Application scope Feature (Scope=”WebApplication”):          A feature scoped for a Web application, or virtual server, can be activated or deactivated and can contain the elements for virtual server assemblies.

■      Farm scoped Feature (Scope=”Farm”):          A farm feature is scoped for an entire server farm. A farm feature can contain links to _layouts pages and files, _admin pages, and other elements

Activation Dependencies and Scope

A feature can be dependent on another feature activation. Activation dependencies can be expressed for features of the same scope, or a feature at a particular scope can be dependent on a feature at a different scope (a cross-scope activation dependency).

For example:- Below feature can be activated if site has enabled publishing feature.

<?xml  version="1.0"  encoding="utf-8"  ?>
Id="0000001-00001-00001-00001" Title="Test feature  Services"
Description="This activate if publishing feature enabled on site."
    <ActivationDependency FeatureTitle="Publishing Infrastructure" 
	  FeatureDescription="Publishing Infrastructure need to be activated prior 
	    to deploying the Custom PageLayouts, Site Content Types and Site Columns feature." 
      FeatureId="f6924d36-2fa8-4f0b-b16d-06b7250180fa" />

Creating Custom feature

Here I am going to give below article url where I have implemented custom feature. Visit these to understand how you can implement custom feature.

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  4. Adding list event on specific list

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